Alloy Wheel Repair
When you have a minor chip or scratch we can repair the local damage quickly & cost-effectively before it gets worse.
Alloy Wheel Respray
We will clean & respray your wheel so that it looks almost as good as new using the same or different colour paint.
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
The complete works! Your wheel will have chips, scuffs & scratches repaired before being repainted using the same (or different) colour paint.
Alloy Wheel Respray / Recolour
Give your car a new, fresh look by changing the colour of your alloy wheels. Almost any colours are available!
Diamond Cut Alloy Repairs
Lots of new cars have these sharp, diamond cut alloy wheels but they can be expensive to repair so we’ve developed our own technique to save you money……..
Alloy Wheel Powder Coating
Sometimes your wheels are too damaged & an alloy repair/refurb isn’t enough or you want all your wheels resprayed – this is where we recommend powder coating. We will take your alloys to the workshop, give them some major TLC and bring them back looking awesome!
Original Colour or a Makeover?
Our expert technicians have access to the manufacturers original paint colour schemes but sometimes it’s time for a makeover. Not sure? Send us photos & we can advise.
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