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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Everything makes sense if you already know the answer.

Like any industry, there are a lot of jargon words, myths & ways to save money when it comes to alloy wheel repairs & refurbishment. Here we share some of the most common ones to help you feel like the “Top Dog”!

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"We asked 100 people & they said....."

Where are you?
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We come to you! Our mobile alloy wheel repair & refurhisment team come to your home or office.

How quick to repair?
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That depends on how badly damaged they are & what process you choose. We explain more below.

What type of wheel?
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Diamond cut, powder coated, split-rims etc. are confusing terms so we explain the jargon below.

Quick Answers


Yes, within reason! We cover most of the Midlands’ region. Please view the locations where we offer our mobile alloy wheel refurbish service.

How soon can your mobile alloy wheel refurbish team reach me?

Normally within 24-48 hours.


Very important question! If you can’t find these then we can’t remove the wheel for a full repair. These are often kept where your spare wheel is (or should be!), in the glove box or the last place you will look……

How long does a repair last?

It depends on the lovely British roads, crazy kerbs in supermarket car-parks, your/other-halfs(!) driving but also if it was previously repaired, how you clean them & what products you use. See our articles for help with that.

Do you give guarantees?

Even better, we give you our word & we do what we say. If you’re not happy & prefer a refund then we will arrange that.

Powder coated & diamond cut Alloy wheel - what's that?

Alloy wheel repair techies like their jargon but most of us just drive our cars & have no idea so we’ve put together some helpful explanations for you about powder coated &  diamond cut alloy wheels.

What's a Smart repair 'v' Refurbishment?

The short answer is time. An alloy wheel smart repair is performed at your premises, normally within one hour. A full alloy wheel refurbishment is when we take your wheel(s) back to our workshop for some serious TLC, normally returning in 3-4 working days.

Do you prefer cash or Bank Transfer?

Either is fine for us but we don’t take card payments due to the excessive charges for small businesses like us 🙁 

Articles, Tips & Jargon Explained in the Wonderful World of Alloy Wheel Repairs & Refurbishment.